NEWSFLASH: Katy Hudson Release

Released March 6, 2001; not October 23, 2001 like many sources report. :)

..."My Proofs"...

1) Cover of PRE-release (limited promotion)
Notice the date on the bottom (look closely).
(Street Date: March 6, 2001)

2) Short interview from Feb 16, 2001.
Shows pre-release cover (1:04min) and says album comes out March 6. (1:06min)

3) CCM Magazine - July 2001
(Cute info on what book Katy was reading,
but read what the little blurb on the bottom says.)

"Hudson released her debut album in March..."

4) "Trust In Me" radio single - Feb 2001

5) The June 2, 2001 issue of Billboard Magazine has a review of the album.

6) From an interview on April 16, 2001:
Q: How many shows have you played since your album came out?
A: I was on the Strangely Normal tour with Phil Joel. It was a lot of fun.

7) has a review of the album dated July 26, 2001!

8) Katy's Official Website had a printable $2 off coupon that expired June 1, 2001!