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Trust In Me
      "This was my first try at songwriting. I was feeling a little depressed at the time, and was thinking about all the things I'd done wrong. I felt like I was oil and God was water, and I just wouldn't mix. I started writing about this and God placed a peace in my heart. I really felt He was saying, "Don't worry child, trust in me." I just had to open my heart to the healing process. It's funny how sometimes we think that we can be so horrible that God would turn His back to His own. I guess we will never really understand His mercy until we see His Glory."

      "This is an aggressive song because I hate how people are so blinded by the so-called "necessities" of life, when truly nothing on this earth will ever satisfy you. I wanted to write a song about how people are so infatuated with the things of this world. We wrote about how everyone is so blinded with what they want, but they don't know what they really need."

Search Me
      "I was struggling with the fact that I would have the huge responsibility of how others would be affected through what I was doing or saying on stage. I don't want to put on some kind of front that everything is good when it's not. I wanted to keep it real, but still give people hope. I was trying to figure out how to combine the two, so I put my gifts on the shelf for a period of time. I looked back and realized God was with me through this season of my life. He knew one day I would wake up and remember the amazing gift I was given and how so many other people would love to be on the stage that I had been letting collect dust."

Last Call
      "The title practically explains everything. I was reading the book called "Last Call For Help" by Dawson McAllister and my dad came home one day and said I was supposed to write a song about someone's "Last Call." He didn't even know I was reading that book. I was thinking of all the stories in the book of how the kids were desperate for help and had tried so many areas. I wanted to do my own hotline so I used the number of the church my dad pastors at 899-3833. I made the character realize that this phone call to God for help was the best one he ever made."

Growing Pains
      "I think this is what kids want to say, like it's their anthem. I think they don't like being written off as if they didn't know much about God or what they really believe in. Sometimes older people can easily stereotype this generation because of what it has been told--basically, the lies that say we aren't any good, or all we will do is drugs and get into a bunch of trouble. It's not true. I haven't ever seen an age limit on who God can use. I don't have it all figured out, but for me, I want to share what I know, and give everything I have been given, because that is my calling."

My Own Monster
      "After asking kids in a joking kind of way if they still had nightlights, they responded with a cheer, after I exposed one of my more personal secrets with them-that I too struggle with fear. One night I realized I needed God "to help me, to hold me," as the chorus says. Growing up, my parents would tell me to pray when I got scared, and to tell the devil to flee. I remembered all that and wanted to write about how I find my refuge underneath His wings. You can't open up to fear-it'll eat you up."

      "My mom titled this song, and now she really thinks she's cool (laughs). This song was written when I was in the eighth grade. I wrote it because of the hypocrisy at my Christian school. I was wondering how people would change and shape up if Christ was here attending my school. I was like, if Jesus came back as a simple high school kid, how would you act in front of Him? Don't you understand the pain He feels when you do these things-basically, spit in His face. It's a mockery. But there's the truth. When you ask Christ into your heart He's there, in your heart, wherever you go. He sees it all. I want people to understand that it hurts Christ when they ignore Him and live their lives. The pain is like crucifying Him again and again. But can you believe it? He forgives everything."

Faith Won't Fail
      "I was just thinking about faith and how it's so sufficient in every situation in the Bible. When Daniel was in the lion's den or when Peter walked on the water, they had the faith to look past their problems. A lot of times I'll get distracted and lose focus in my relationship with Christ. I try to keep on and have that persistent faith to get me through things, and even that small little mustard seed of faith always moves my mountain."

      "I believe that some teens have their loneliest moments during this time of their lives. I think they are going through the trials of growing up and all that comes with it, whether it be issues with parents or thinking they are the only ones going through what they are going through. They don't realize that they have a Best Friend that has never let them down - someone that is on their side. He understands it all."

When There's Nothing Left
      "This song is a crisp, clean, simple "love note" to God kind of song. I was thinking of how many instances we have these love stories about couples doing whatever they have to do to be together-they would even die to be together. I wanted to write about a more famous love story, one that did do everything so that we could be together eternally. I wrote as though I was in love romantically with Him, like I would always give Him all of me even when I didn't have anymore to give."