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Interview: October 2002

Q: Where are you from?
KATY: I'm from Santa Barbara, CA but I now reside in Los Angeles, CA Age? I'm 17 right now, but buy the time you post this I could defiantly be 18!

Q: What is your favorite past time with your friends?
KATY: I love going to shows, reading "Nylon" and reading books with my boyfriend over the phone. I have a huge interest in clothes, as any one female would be.. but I love thrifting and adoring anyone or anything Japanese. Sometimes I wish I could be friends have all heard this one.

Q: Describe your sound and influences? I must say I got their late but I really enjoyed your set at Spirit West Coast 2 years ago.
KATY: Thanks a bunch!!! You have to understand though as a young female artist my voice and influences are ever changing. I used to list such people as Fiona Apple and Jonatha Brooke, which they did influence me up to this point, but now I love the theatrics of Freddie Mercury (Queen) and the way he brings so many curves out of nowhere that shouldn't make sense but they's great! I love the Beach Boys simplicity....a gal named Mirah from Kpunk records...Patty Griffin's (however you spell her last name) Flaming Red is epic...I woke up this morning singing "Hold me now," by Jennifer Knapp. I don't think she realizes how much power is in that Kansas record. It gives me chills to this day. I could go on forever....

Q: Do people act different around you because you have your own CD? It is not until recently that God has reminded me that popular artists are just like me.
KATY: You're very very true. Artist are just like regular human beings. We all have the same faults and victories. Sometimes we don't feel like going on and sometimes we feel like we can move mountains with the sound of our voice. I don't really walk up to people you know saying...geez you know who I am? I mean... I've got a record. A lot of people can make a record. There is plenty of bad music out there. You have to show yourself faithful to these people, give them good solid music, and let them see your heart. That's all they want. Even if your heart isn't a comfortable one to see, that is where you start.

Q: What is the best experience you have had as an artist?
KATY You know...that's an awful question. That's like saying what one thing would you want to bring to a deserted island? There are too many wonderful experiences to name one best one. I love when kids my age are effected by my songs. On a superficial note I love not having to pay for concerts anymore!

Q: If you could pick one main thing God has been teaching you over the past couple years what would it be?
KATY There have been so many things I have been learning throughout every situation that has come about in my life. I know sometimes I've felt I've fallen away from Christ and I remember better times like when I was 13 and at summer camp and I would weep on my knees showing so much passion. I realize now though that I wasn't honest with myself at those points though. It felt like the more tears I cried the more sincere my heart was....and that isn't the case in anything. I have had some struggles and have found myself floating a ship with no oars. You are so close to the shore one moment and the next the current has moved you so far so subtlely. It's so funny, there is such a battle going on for our souls...and evil influence just doesn't come on a creeps and creeps and creeps until you're held down and you don't even know it. I'm glad God has given me His Grace and His Mercy because without it I would be lost forever. I know I am His child...but nobody said you wouldn't have your set of growing pains.

Q: What would your advice to Kids that struggle with witnessing to their non christians be?
KATY: Just be yourself and stand true on what you believe. People respect people that are forthright in what they believe, whatever they believe. I work with people all the time who like to confuse my Love with their "Light" and my spirit man with their "Energy." They will all know me by His Love in the end though. Don't let people walk all over kind though and love them through anything. Even things you don't agree with.

Q: Do you ever have to break down the false assumption that you are perfect? I know that happens to be a lot being a youth leader, kids just assume you don't sin.
KATY: Well, we all have to know that. I mean I'm not any angel abiding on the earth if you know what I mean. I have all the same temptations knocking at my door as well. I even feel sometimes they're even more of them for me, a person that has built so much responsibility in so little time...therefore, there is all the freedom in the world it feels like sometimes... We struggle. We will never be free until we can rest in peace with God. That's why we keep our eyes set on that promise so that we don't drown in the rest of the world.

Q: Was it intimidating when you first got in "the business" when you got to meet people that you had looked up to?
KATY: Sure, of course...when you first arrive into something fresh and new you have all those feelings and fears wondering and hoping that the other artists can except you as a friend even though just months or years ago you pawned your stereo to buy tickets to their show. You know what I mean? I meet a lot of very cool people, people that have brought me closer to God and still do...but I meet a lot of stuck up people, too. I meet a lot of people that think they are kings in their own worlds. I've met so many people within the Christian and secular industries and have yet to meet the thousands left. I love them all, though.

Q: Are you working on a new CD? if so is there a tentative release date?
KATY: I've just started working on a new CD and I am so grateful to be having the wonderful opportunities to be working with the best people in music history. I don't know a definite release; I do know it should either be next summer or fall 2003.

Q: What are the CD's in your CD player right now?
KATY: Well, I have a couple of cd players... so I'm gonna cheat and select the ones I love. I have this group from Europe that I love so much called Frou Frou. Some.... Flaming Lips and a couple of new yet-to-be-released cds like...Foo Fighters (heehee) and Relient K's. Matt Thiessen is one of my best friends.

Q: What can I, and the people that come to my site do to support your ministry?:
KATY: Well, you could all promise to pick up a copy of my new cd when it releases, if it tickles your fancy. Ha. For now though, I would really enjoy your prayers. They are so warmly welcomed this way.

Q: Is there anything in particular we can be praying for?
KATY: Yes, strength through it all. Humility as well.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add?
KATY: Nah, I talk too much.