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Family Fans: Early 2001

FF: What would you like people to know most about Katy?

KATY: Well...I'm a dork. (giggles) Literally. I don't have very many friends. I mean, I know a lot of people, sure. Many people do. But I don't want everyone and their mothers speaking into my life and telling me what I should be or do. Because then you just get too frazzled.

I think one thing that they should know right now is that I'm trying to reach some stability in my life.

I think it's really important to have good mentors around you, have a good church, youth pastor, and even having good family life. I'm praying for that.

My life isn't peachy-keen and I never want to live in fantasy land, but I want to have a good foundation for my life. I think all of us teenagers do. Everyone is like, "Wait two years, you'll be 18, out of the house... I don't want that. I want to be able to have the best relationship with my family now. Anyways.... gosh I spill my dirt early.

FF: What are your favorite things: color, musical group, ice cream flavor, book, movie, and person in the Bible?

Hum. I like turquoise. And black. I'm really liking my Beatles CDs again. I think it's that whole happy California coast/weather thing that's got to me.

Ice cream, whoooooaaa! I'm a fatty, but when I'm feeling healthy enough to eat ice cream (giggles) it's either bubble gum or the darkest fudge chocolate. I have broad tastes. Movie? Right now, it's Almost Famous. Not to say that I am the star in the show or anything (giggles). That and What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

My favorite person in the Bible is... Esther. I really do love girls that can kick....hum.

And the woman who gave her last meal to the prophet Elijah. It shows so much faith. She reminds me of my mother.

FF: Tell us about your self-titled, Katy Hudson CD.

My CD....gosh. It's got soo much to it.

I mean it can be compared to so many things, like Fiona Apple or Jennifer Knapp. A little jazzy, a little Beatles. I think this CD keeps you on your toes, kinda waiting for something more every song. It's been about nine or ten months since I have recorded anything, and I think I have grown. I mean when I started everything was soo new to me. It still is, but now I think when we sit down to another record I think I will put more thought into it.

It was really hard to figure out and mold what I wanted to be for this record in so little time. Now I have a clue what I want to do and not what others want to make me into. I write and I play so I have been able to develop that over time. Hopefully it tickles your ear.

FF: What are your plans for 2001?

I think I'll be doing some festivals this summer, but I won't be everywhere. I don't think I have to hit every little place my first year and drain myself and then be totally fried next year. I wanna take baby steps. But I'm always willing to play. I love playing for me and God or for anybody else that wants to listen.

Hopefully we're looking at some fall tours to get on and just play my little tail feathers off. Basically I'm trying to be open enough to hear what God wants me to do. I make plans...and He laughs.

FF: What's the Lord doing in your life and ministry?

Well lately I have been so thankful for His forgiveness and grace. I mean a lot of people tend to think that us artists are immortal and some heaven-sent beings, when really we trip up all the time.

Lately I haven't understood some of the things I have been going through in life, whether that be with my family or my music. Or things just aren't working out as planned. I am beginning to realize God will have His way no matter what, and He won't let me go through anything that I can't go through.

FF: Tell us about signing with your new management company.

That has been air to my lungs! This is the first time I have had any kind of management in my life and it's just so great, because as an artist we need to be really focused on our ministry and spiritual life rather than having to sit in the office and call people about plane flights. I mean, it's always good to know what you're doing when you are an artist, but time is so valuable. Plus, I absolutely have loved [music artist] Jen Knapp forever, I still get sweaty palms when I see her. She knows it.

FF: How about prayer requests. What can Katy fans pray for?

Basically pray for God's guidance in my life right now. I'm having to make a lot of decisions in my life that will affect me in the long run. I don't want to make the wrong ones...[Pray] that I will be open to whatever God wants for me.