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Pamplin Promo Book: January 2001

Released to select Christian retailers.
Overview plus a short n' sweet interview.
Q: When did you begin playing music, what were the first instruments you played?
A: I began playing the guitar when I wads 13. The church bought me this faded, green acoustic guitar for my birthday, and I was real pumped 'cause I would go over to my hippe/surfer family friend's house and we would just jam... considering I only knew, like, 5 chords back then.

Q: Growing up in church was your faith an important part of your life, did you feel different from other kids or excluded because you were vocal about being a believer?
A: Well, when I was young I thought it was the worst thing in the would to be a P.K. (pastor's kid). I always felt I was in a show and everything had to be alright all the time. As time went on, I grew out of that. I realized that, like me, my parents had been given a gift. Only their gift was being a shepherd to flock. So I have grown to understand their ways and I have grown out of trying to be a pastor's Kid rebel. Also, most of my friends growing up were either in the church or at my Christian school, so everyone was vocal about their faith and we had no problem with it.

Q: Any Christian artists that are favorites/influences?
A: I have a lot of respect for most passionate Christian artist, but some of my favs are Jennifer Knapp (yeah, I sound like her, Nichole Nordeman, Stacie Orrico, LaRue, Kendall Payne--she's an influence. Delirious? and what used to be... CHASING FURIES!

Q: Is there a central or specific message to the album that you're trying to communicate?
A: Basically, I feel this project is a very personal album, about me and some of the issues I had to face, I wanted to deal with issues I had, like fear, loneliness, doubt, not having it all figured out, being blind because of the world--things like that. And I wanted to show other that they aren't alone and they don't have to hold on to fear because Christ never gave those kind of things to us.

Q: Who do you see most able to relate to this album?
A: Well, considering I'm young, I believe a lot of peers relate to their peers because they are on the same level. I believe that will happen to me. I also think college kids will relate to the tangibleness of it. Meaning it's real, it's a personal album and I think college kids have grown out of more of the "Pop"... or plastic in general. But of course, little kids will like it when I perform the record live... cause I'm a very active person on stage! Lots of facial expressions! In general, I think it's an overall appealing record to every age level. But then again, I am a great salesperson...

Q: Given your age, what do you bring to an album or performance as an artist? What life experiences can you put into lyrics or into what you share from stage?
A: Well, musically you would expect another teen pop act. But I wanted to be different. I think that I would relate to a more mature audience if I brought something a little more tangible musically and I believe I did. Being ym age, I have a lot of excess energy; I use that up on stage. I either play harder or put more into being all over the stage. I want to always be on top of the ball with my live concerts. If that means crowd surfing with the audience to keep their focus then I'll do it.

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