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Web Chat Transcipt: March 29, 2001

KatyHudson> Hey! Whatsup!?
christianmusicADM> While we wait for everyone to type up their questions... I understand you're on the road tonight. Where are you?
KatyHudson> I'm actually traveling home from the Jennifer Knapp tour. Last night I was in Rockland, CA.
christianmusicADM> Our first question comes from ZikJackson> What was the first song you wrote, and is it on the album?
KatyHudson> The first song I wrote was "Trust in Me," which consisted of two chords! It actually happens to be the first single, on the radio now. I wrote it when I was 13.
christianmusicADM> Prophet asks> Where are you from?
KatyHudson> I'm keepin it real for Southern California!
KatyHudson> I was born here and grew up in like 12 different places in the U.S., since my dad was an evangelist.
christianmusicADM> zoegirl57 asks> Katy, what is your favorite song on your album?
KatyHudson> Well, being conceited, I'd like to say "Last Call" cause it's really short, and simple and really sassy.
christianmusicADM> Prophet asks> Does your mother travel with you?
KatyHudson> My mom comes to as many shows as she can but it's hard to juggle being a pastors wife and having my brothers and sisters to care for. So I have a road manager.
KatyHudson> But I always try to put the best mentorship around me for accountability.
christianmusicADM> GodChaser asks> Who is your favorite Christian Artist?
KatyHudson> At the moment--Sara Groves. I really liked her live set. I saw her live recently and I was kind of down and she totally turned my thought processes around
christianmusicADM> tonedef asks> Hey, Katy, how long have you played guitar? Did you teach yourself? And thank you for not playing pop.
KatyHudson> Thank you, thank you very much (giggle).
KatyHudson> I've been trying for two and a half years now, and I've had a couple of lessons, meaning a couple.
KatyHudson> I hope to one day lock up for like three months and learn a lot of things, like theory and such.
christianmusicADM> David asks> Do you think that most christian alternative artists today represent God in a powerfull and Godly way, or not?
KatyHudson> I think the industry is lukewarm right now.
christianmusicADM> Why do you say that?
KatyHudson> I think that some people are probably there for a fast buck, but there really are some true, true Godrockers.
KatyHudson> Because going into this industry, I was a consumer like you guys and didn't know much about behind the scenes, besides that Carman was really tan.
KatyHudson> But I've experienced now some of the people in the industry, and I respect some of them, and I pray for some of them. Joke joke.
christianmusicADM> hayden gets personal> How old are you?
KatyHudson> Dude, I'm sixteen.
christianmusicADM> starshine215 says> The part on your biography where you said "there isn't an age limit on being a willing vessel" really reinforced what I've been learning recently. Thanks
KatyHudson> Any time, any where. I'm just keeping it real for us.
christianmusicADM> Mysterystone asks> How has your perspective changed as you've started a more aggressive traveling schedule
KatyHudson> I get sidetracked a lot.
KatyHudson> Like yesterday I had a really bad day, just a hard day, and kind of losing my focus. So I went down to the meadow (where I scratched up my leg) and I just cracked my journal and my Bible and just started falling. And it was great.
KatyHudson> It's easy to lose focus with so many distractions around you. That's why its so important to have alone time with God.
christianmusicADM> DebbieSue asks> Katy, how would you describe the style of your music?
KatyHudson> Um, it's a jazzy pop rock, musically, with everything from the Beatles to Fiona Apple. You gotta love those smoky vocal chords.
christianmusicADM> Yeah you do! SONkissed asks> How did you get discovered because my band would like to get discovered.
KatyHudson> First of all, you don't get discovered. You're called, basically.
KatyHudson> I was recording a demo in LA, at a church that has like 150 ministries and a studio.
KatyHudson> The label that I'm on now developed a relationship with them.
KatyHudson> Do demos upon demos. Record your three best songs. Go out and play all you can.
KatyHudson> Then record them again, and see how much they've changed.
KatyHudson> Then get a manager, asap.
christianmusicADM> hayden asks> How was the Jennifer Knapp show? Did you get to perform?
KatyHudson> I did. I got to perform the last two days I was on.
KatyHudson> It was insane. She was rockin the house, as usual.
KatyHudson> Even though Jen's my manager I still get sweaty palms every time I talk to her.
christianmusicADM> zoegirl57 asks> What is the meaning behind the song "Spit"?
KatyHudson> Well, that's funny. Its talking about an experience I had in the 8th grade.
KatyHudson> All of the sudden there was this kind of backlash behind the scenes at my Christian school.
KatyHudson> My leaders who were doing the chapel services were one person one day for chapel, then they were totally different when they stepped from behind the pulpit.
KatyHudson> I was kind of getting sick of the whole WWJD thing, no offense. It was like why don't you take that into reality and stop acting the way you're acting.
christianmusicADM> starshine215 asks> How do you feel about your music being traded on Napster?
KatyHudson> You know, I'm so not even known right now that I kinda don't mind. It's kind of a publicity push.
KatyHudson> I use napster. I think it does rip off artists in a lot of ways but I don't really want to spend my tight $13 allowance on some CD I've never heard.
KatyHudson> I'll go look up a song and if I like it, I'll throw it away and go buy the CD.
KatyHudson> I trust you all have good judgement >smirk.
christianmusicADM> Hoovz says> I saw katy at a show at my work, Pamplin sales conference and I thought she did extremely well, as she was leaving she complimented my on my tattoo and then i told how good she did and she told me to shut up (of course she was joking), but i wanted to let her know i really thought she did well
christianmusicADM> GodChaser asks> Hey Katy what do think about secular music and does it influence you?
KatyHudson> First of all, I'm a very picky listener.
KatyHudson> I think songs about reality and life are cool, as long as they're affecting your spirit in the right way.
KatyHudson> Every kind of music influences you. The world spins to a beat.
KatyHudson> I'd like to write a song about what I'm feeling in that area in the future.
christianmusicADM> tonedef asks> What kind of guitar do you play on tour?
KatyHudson> I just got a new guitar, a Taylor 414 Limited Edition.
KatyHudson> It was a nice step up from a plastic Ovation, practically.
christianmusicADM> Mike432 asks> What's it like joining this industry at a young age?
KatyHudson> Its rough and you have to wear some heavy duty Joan of Arc armor. But in other ways it's pretty darn exciting and I know that anyone would really give their arm and leg to do this, even if I do have to give up things like high school.
KatyHudson> ....darn it! (laughing) christianmusicADM> Hoovz asks> how do you like being a pastors kid?
KatyHudson> Uh, I don't mind it. I'm over that whole issue of "pastors kids are the worst." I don't get into trouble....but yet sometimes trouble tends to find me.
christianmusicADM> ZikJackson asks>How did you become a Christian?
KatyHudson> Well, if you're looking for a date and time I don't really have that.
KatyHudson> I was always the chick that felt like I needed to be saved every time there was an altar call at camp.
KatyHudson> Hey, I met the mormon girl from Real World at Rock the Universe.
KatyHudson> And, David Arquette walked right by me.
KatyHudson> I was really freaking out. But back to about being saved...
KatyHudson> I grew up in a Christian family, a pastors kid, so I've kind of "known" everything all my life.
KatyHudson> But I never took anything to my own, I made it my own when I was about 13, from about 13 to 15.
christianmusicADM> DebbieSue asks> Now that you're "in the biz," do you still have time to hang with friends?
KatyHudson> Dude, all the time.
KatyHudson> Although I don't have many friends beside my sister and my best friend at home who I absolutely adore!
KatyHudson> I kind of love my sister, but sometimes she bugs. She's everything I want to be... and ... (laughing) she's watching the chat right now.
christianmusicADM> David asks> Do you have an attitude of worship when you perform? Do you feel God's anointing?
KatyHudson> Yeah. I really really do. I try to get really focused about an hour before the show and totally be alone, and just totally chill with God and get my head focused.
KatyHudson> I think then I tend to forget about the day's worries and totally thank God, and be open so that God can pour more into me. It usually tends to be a better show when I'm more focused.
christianmusicADM> duckboy begged me to ask> what do you think about ducking blue jays?
KatyHudson> ha ha ha ha. Funny funny funny. I can't believe you're here, dude!
KatyHudson> I don't mind them at all actually but you'll never hear any ducks from me.
christianmusicADM> I guess that was an inside joke... Mike432 asks> Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
KatyHudson> In the future, I see myself taller. Rid of these zits.
KatyHudson> More in shape. Rockin on and being able to play some insane lead guitar.
christianmusicADM> Prophet asks> Are you going to save your kiss till your wedding day?
KatyHudson> I have already kissed a guy, actually I do have a boyfriend. He's a great accountability partner--we keep each other in check.
christianmusicADM> SONkissed asks> What kind of Ovation guitar were you using on Phil's tour because I need an electric acoustic and I like yours.
KatyHudson> It's a good beginning guitar, but I don't really like it. You can have it (just kidding).
KatyHudson> I recommend if you can spend a little cash, get a Taylor, or for an electric, get a Rickenbocker (spelling?)
KatyHudson> Oh my gosh, Jeremy Kraus, dude you're in the house!
christianmusicADM> duckboy asks> How did you like touring with Phil Joel?
KatyHudson> Overall, the people were chill. Chicago was rockin. And I was really excited about meeting everyone at every show.
KatyHudson> I loved playing my feathers off and keepin it real for the audience and I'm so grateful for the people I met on tour.
christianmusicADM> Hoovz asks> so how do you like living in santa barbara, it it better than san clemente
KatyHudson> Awww, San Clemente is cool. But Santa Barbara rips anything.
KatyHudson> It's 5 minutes from the ocean, 10 minutes from the mountains. It's like the Riviera here, it's so beautiful.
KatyHudson> I don't know if they'll ever get me to Nashville, its so beautiful here.
christianmusicADM> JaciVFan asks> Why did she choose rock music? How does she choose the sound that corresponds to each song?
KatyHudson> Honestly, if you've ever been to a live show, you'll notice they are very very different from my CD.
KatyHudson> That's because the CD itself was a reflection of my process of trying to find the sound I wanted to sound like. To hone that in and find out where I wanted to go.
KatyHudson> Taken from where I was, which was everywhere and putting it into one category.
KatyHudson> And I absolutely love rock music. I'm going to go see Jonatha Brooke tomorrow. I'm so excited I love chick rock. That's basically just me in a nutshell.
christianmusicADM> Well, that's all the time we have for this evening's event. I want to thank KATY HUDSON for being here this evening!
KatyHudson> Thanks everybody! You really have to keep it real... or else!
KatyHudson> ...Psalms 139