Katy's song, "My Own Monster" was the inspiration behind
a teen devotional released on September 18th, 2001 by Shaw Books.
Not only was it titled after the song, Katy wrote the 'foreward'.



From The Author:
Guidance for Your Sometimes Rocky, Always Important Relationships

"We all want to have good friends--and to be a good friend. Now, in the teen years, more than ever, you need girls and guys you can trust. You need friends who will stand by your side, no matter what--when you face peer pressure, family problems, a broken heart, or even questions about God. Whether you wish you had more friends or want to know how to be a better friend to the ones you''ve got, this 31-day devotional will give you fun, real-life advice about how to deal with relationship struggles and make your friendships count. You''ll find stories about teens you can identify with, suggestions for activities, ideas to think about, room to journal your thoughts and hopes, and Scriptures to encourage you in your relationship with the best Friend you'll ever have!"

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