Katy is a beautiful inspiration to many!
Here are some short inspirational words from fans!

Tell me why/how Katy inspires YOU!

Katy's personality and outlook on life is everything that I aspire to be. I can relate that it's difficult to find and discover yourself amongst everything and everyone around you. The love that she has for her KatyCats is rare, she cares for every single individual and influences so many of us to be ourself, and no one else. She gives us the confidence to fulfill our dreams, to be original and one of a kind. Remembering our roots and growing up to stand by what we truly believe in. We all have a spark within us and we need to ignite that light and let it shine for the whole world to see. Being a beacon of hope, Katy shows others that they can confide in her, by listening to the words and lyrics of her songs, they can feel that they are loved and are not alone. Katy is my everything! - Claire

Katy is more than just my idol; she's like my everything. I love her so much. She told me that I'm a firework and I'm original, cannot be replaced. Every time I'm sad or crying no one can cheer me up except her, just by listening to her songs I feel, like, I I don't know, a weird awesome feeling. She always makes me smile I'll always support her with every thing I have. Once a KatyCat, always a KatyCat. - Rania

I think Katy is a ridiculously strong woman. Behind the makeup, the candy, the fruit and the wigs. there is a woman who has had her heart broken. As if going and making others smile with your talent as your heart is shattering isn't hard enough, Katy had the whole entire world watching commenting on and mocking her divorce. The fact that she puts on a smile everyday and still loves her KatyCats so much is remarkable. Katy inspires me to smile through the tough times and to take something bad and find the good in it. - Kay

I love that Katy always talks about embracing everything you've been through, the good and the bad. She has shown me that everything I've been through and all that life has thrown at me have made me who I am and that I shouldn't want to be anyone else. She inspires so many people to follow their dreams and has also been an example of strength to anybody facing adversity in their lives. She's one of those people that when they say 'you're gonna be okay.' you can actually believe its true. - Emily

I love Katy Perry! I think she is an uh-mazing artist. Even though she is in the "worldly" music genre, she still has her values and loves God. Most people work in the world these days and no one says to them, "Oh, you work in a worldly business, you MUST be a sinner." She gets called out because she's in the public eye. She's brave enough to love Jesus out loud; who cares what her platform is. - albrits271784