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KP3D is an absolutely beautiful movie. It's what Katy wanted to share... the story she wanted to tell. This is a collection of "things" I started noticing and questioning the more I watched the movie... that just didn't make sense. In NO WAY am I trying to take away from the movie or say anything negative about it. This is just how my mind works. So please take it for what it is. :)

We have to keep in mind that this is a documentary. There were no pre-planned storylines or actors. The storyline came after everything was filmed. A story line that has subjects. The breakdown of the marriage is one of the subjects. It's silly to say "the divorce happened where ever she had this breakdown." What the heck were Katy AND Russ doing AFTER the tour... public appearances... sprouting at the root about their love and devotion to eachother... from mid-November (when the tour ended) to the end of December (when the filing for divorce actually happened).

No matter what, that doesn't make sense. After seeing it once, my mind started questioning and wanting to piece it together. The movie re-arranged dates to make the movie more complete and appealing -- which is different than being FAKE. It's all real; it's all real tears, it's real shows, ect.

Life is full of ups and downs. Life is like that. I think mostly due to age and lack of experience, some people don't understand that and how COMPLEX it can be. Just cuz someone cries and has a breakdown that eventually got divorced doesn't mean that moment is when the marriage ended. When Katy cries in the movie, obviously it was a bump on the road for Katy and Russ, but it was not THE moment the marriage ended. It's just not. Katy was having a rough time, yes. And the Brazilians pulled on her heart and I sincerely believe every word she said about the passion and awesomeness of the Brazilians is sincere. I can see it (minus the scaling buildings, that's a bit much for me, haha), but there IS power in numbers...

Q: How do you know it's not Sau Paulo?


(screen cap from movie)

(screen cap from fan video in SP)

(close-up in Sau Paulo)

The first 2 compare screen shots from the Sao Paulo scene in KP3D and a fan video taken AT Sao Paulo at the beginning of Teenage Dream. Look at the last photo taken by a fan AT Sao Paulo. Yes, in Sau Paulo she wore the 'clear plastic stuff' beside her dress strap (to look like the end of a candy wrapper). Look again at the first photo from the movie. NO 'clear plastic stuff.'

The top of the dress, where her cleavage is... is different as well. The KP3D shows the dress curved down to show more cleavage. In videos/photos from the the concert in SP... it's flat.

Also how she gets to the stage. SP venue is outside and there are no dressing rooms at the stage. They are close by in a separate building. In KP3D she is seen walking down a hallway. As shown in the video below (Sau Paulo Concert Candy), she jumps in a laundry hamper and is pushed outside one building over to the stage area. And again, the dress -- clear plastic/flat top to the dress (1:59min).

Also note the scene in KP3D where they do the "circle" before starting the SP show -- Katy's arm/hand has a purply/blue glove covering it. That's not what she wore in SP. She didn't wear that since the first part of the 'California Dreams Tour'. The SP Concert Candy (above) also shows them doing a circle... she is wearing the peppermint dress and they say Sau Paulo (2:19min).

In Sau Paulo, dancer Leah's hair has a purple color on it.

In KP3D... it's just her typical beautiful blonde hair!

Q: How do you know it's Birmingham, UK (October 26)?


In KP3D Tamra said Katy got the necklace for her birthday from Russell and that Katy thought she lost it at the venue the day after her birthday.

First, Katy and Russell last saw each other October 23 in the USA, which was their first wedding anniversary. Russ stayed there and Katy flew off to the UK to continue with her 'California Dreams Tour'. Russ gave Katy a necklace on October 23 that was for her birthday (2 days later) because they wouldn't be seeing each other.

Second, the show Katy did the day after she got the necklace was in Belfast, UK (October 24)... which is where Katy thought she lost it. Her next show was in Birmingham, UK (October 26). I realize that doesn't mean much, but keep reading. This small piece standing alone doesn't create a complete picture, but bring in a few more pieces... we have a complete picture and each piece has a part.

(screen cap from KP3D as she comes up the lift)

(screen caps from fan video in Birmingham just after she comes up the lift)

(original video here, 2:30min)

Notice one strand of hair falls by her shoulder strap. She has no 'clear plastic' and her dress is curved at the cleavage area.

(screen cap from KP3D in the dressing room)

I asked NIA Birmingham on Facebook/Twitter if they could tell if the capture from KP3D was taken in one of their dressing rooms. No response yet.

Found the photo below that was taken in a dressing room in the NIA (originally from here).

There's a long mirror that you can just see a bit of off to the left. The wall jets out slightly to the right of the mirror which has a "lining" right on the edge. I know, not much, but again, a piece of the puzzle.

Also notice the person doing Katy's nails... the hat. It says " LONDON FRESH" -- a UK saying/business. Again... not much alone, but together with other peices...

In KP3D when the guy under the stage pulls back the curtain, we can see people sitting in levels (like an arena). Sao Paulo didn't have that. SP was an outside venue, all standing on one level... the ground.

ALSO... this video of TOTGA in Birmingham, UK is the one shown in KP3D!!!

Screen cap from Sao Paulo during TOTGA -- notice the earpiece over her shoulder.

Screen cap from KP3D -- no earpeice... and that one strand of hair... again!

Parts in KP3D that ARE from Brazil...
- "can I tell you something.." that goes into "Katy te amo" + the audience.

The audio/video of TOTGA and talking before are from Birmingham.
"Sometimes, we say forever, but it's easier to say than to do..." (1:29min)

5th #1... uh, WHEN?!?
The editing during the "Katy got her 5th #1" part was edited VERY well. It mixes footage... when Katy is working out, she has pink hair. But when she does her 'dance' after being told about the 5th #1, which happened in August 2011, her hair is black. She started dying her hair other colors besides black in June 2011. HUH! Yeah. Not possible to have black hair.

Interestingly enough, the same footage was put in a "Just Dance: CDT Behind The Scenes" video from the FIRST leg of the UK tour, which was in March 2011. Also in KP3D, notice the door; switches from opening on the left to opening on the right...

(see 0:19-0:21min for the 'dance')

HARTFORD... nah, it's NYC!
What KP3D shows as Hartford (when Katy says she's really tired but decides to get up so they can do M&G) was actually NYC. First time she wore the sundae dress was in NYC. I compared what Tamra, Angela and someone else helping in the room were wearing as well as the layout of the room... :)

Santa Barbara to Vegas!
In the "Thinking Of You' Extra" when Katy is shown 'driving to visit Grandma in Vegas'... she's actually driving in SANTA BARBARA!!!

Meet & Greet before CDT show in Santa Barbara

How do we know 'the breakdown' wasn't THE end of the marriage?

The scenes like the one below are from one of the last dates of the tour in November:

Also in November, both Katy and Russell (at different times) went on Ellen Degeneres and sprouted at the root about their love and devotion to each other.


Had Katy's birthday celebration on 11.11.11:

Went to a charity event together in early December:

Katy noted how much her husband helped her while she prepared for hosting SNL: Video.