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Assignment in grade 4 (1994-1995) - a prayer.

My Prayer
When I was outside
I sat by the side.
While listening to the wind
As it past by the trees
As I sat on my knees
saying a prayer,
and I said,
Lord I have a love for you
that's so very rare.
So show me the path that
I can happily explore,
So I can learn about you more

Assignment in grade 4 (1994-1995) - note to teacher.

She's very colorful and elegant and smells great
and is very nice and she is my friend.
Love Katy.

Katy was featured on "MTV Hoods" in 2010 which showed us bits and pieces of her past in Santa Barbara. She met up with a guy named Timo. They ever so briefly 'dated' when Katy was 12! :) She wrote a couple letters to Timo in August 1997. He still had them after all this time.

In late 2000 Katy was part of an "Acquire The Fire Tour." A guy named Sean was her guitar player. Out of opportunity through management in Summer 2012, Sean sent Katy a photo from 'Katy Hudson Days,' and Katy sent it back with a very sweet message. Warms the heart, right?! :)

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