"It was a Christian gospel album I made when I was 15. That was my world. And I appreciated it. And all those songs I wrote were very important to me at the time. I wrote about everything I knew then." (2010)

"I was being musically mentored by a lot of people in Nashville who were obviously more talented and skilled than I was, and I thought that I would just kind of learn the ropes of songwriting there." (2012)

"When I started out in my gospel music my perspective then was a bit enclosed and very strict, and everything I had in my life at that time was very church-related. I didn't know there was another world that existed beyond that." (2010)

"I never abandoned [Christian music], actually. I still sing 'Oh Happy Day.' What happened was when I was 15, I put out that record and so badly wanted to make it in that field. I would have loved to have been the next Amy Grant. It would have been so fun! But my record label at the time went bankrupt, so it ended my career like that [snaps fingers]." (2011)

"You have to show yourself faithful to [your fans], give them good solid music, and let them see your heart." (2002)

"Sometimes we don't feel like going on and sometimes we feel like we can move mountains with the sound of our voice." (2002)

"Being a song writer is probably the best bet, in life, for anything..." (2001)

"You can't open up to fear--it'll eat you up." (2001)

"Songwriting is kind of like therapy and my guitar is my shrink." (2001)

"I wear a lot of grunge and vintage with 80's stuff mixed in." (2001)

"When we first started recording, it seemed like everybody knew everybody else and I didn't know anyone. It made me feel like the new kid all over again, just like growing up. I would even feel intimidated about playing the five chords I knew pretty well. But we all relate as peers now-no floating egos!" (2001)

"I blacken out my teeth a lot and people still want to take pictures of me. That's hilarious." (2001)

"People appreciate knowing that under all the candy-coated frosting, there's a burnt inside." (2001)

"I like to be perky, I like to be stupid." (2001)

"You gotta wear some heavy Joan of Arc armor, dude!" (2001)

"I just want to be real. I'll never wear a mask." (2001)

"I really appreciate people that can slam me, that have the guts to say, 'That's not what you're supposed to be doing.'" (2002)

"I'm reading the book, [All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald S. Passman], in hopes of challenging someone who thinks I have no idea about the business I'm in. I believe this book has allowed me to improve my conversations with others in the music business. If anyone is considering the music industry, strap this book to your back!" (2001)


"I believe the reason my daughter is loved is because she really loves people. She really cares about people. We distilled that in her from a young age." -Keith Hudson, September 2013 (Katy's father)

"Katy talked a lot between songs and she was wearing flip flops and jean shorts, a bit unkempt. What she lacked in stage presence and presentation she made up for with a voice that could knock down a brick wall. Powerful and very controlled." (2001)-show review

"She only had time to play four songs but they showed her songwriting skills and good voice. It's a blend of teen pop, folk and rock but if tonight was any example, she's at her best when it's just her and a guitar--she can win over a crowd when they've never heard of her. " (2001)-show review

"The thing I remember most about Katy was her energy. Touring is one of the hardest things a musician can do and you suffer burnout so easily. But Katy was always up for anything and she didn't complain. She knew that anyone else her age would want to be in her place." -Jennifer Knapp

"You could tell she was gonna be an expensive race car, but she didn't know how to drive it yet." (2010)-Tommy Collier, Producer of 'Katy Hudson'

"She had a beautiful voice, but she would sometimes say things that would sort of shock some of the older people. I'd be like, 'OK, maybe you should have edited that one, Katy.'" (2010)-Road Manager in 2001

"[Katy's style] in the Alanis Morissette singer/songwriter female, that's the box you can put her in but I don't think she'll stay in that box long. She's such a huge star and a great singer and a complete person. We don't put out many new records so I really want this to be great. I'm mostly working on other stuff, but this one's a winner. (2003)-Glen Ballard

"Wow, she's crazy, but I love that girl. Whenever you're around her, you can't help but feel like she's going to do something to really embarrass you at any moment. She keeps you on your toes. Nice girl!" (2003)-William Thomas, member of TheElms.

"Katy Hudson is absolutely insane. Very funny one liners and ad lib banter with the crowd. She is only 16, has a Jewel/Cranberries vocal style and plays a mean guitar. She could be someone to watch for the future." (2001)

"Katy's exuberant personality and insightful music make her memorable both on and off stage, and we see her becoming one of Christian music's most fascinating songwriters in the years to come." (2001)

Although the song, [Growing Pains], doesn't cover any ground that hasn't been passed over before, it does show Hudson's honesty and ability dip deep into her soul. (2001)

"I hear a remarkable young talent emerging, a gifted songwriter in her own right who will almost certainly go far in this business. That name again is Katy Hudson. Trust me, you'll be hearing it more and more in the next year." (2001)

"It looks like all of Hudson's hard work, from the time she sang in church services to school functions, has paid off. Time will tell if she can continue her lyrical and musical development or be burnt out by one album wonder status." (2001)