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California Dreams Tour 'Meet n' Greet' Review

Calgary, AB, Canada - July 16, 2011
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Picked up my M&G pass that I won thru KPF at will call and met up with some KatyCats! The only other M&G winner thru KPF, Leah. And then 2 winners from Just Dance 2. One of the guys in charge of all the M&Gs made it clear that KatyCats were last to meet Katy! :)

Angela, Katy's sister, was taking groups in and out of "Candyfornia." With no other people left but myself and Leah, she stood by the door with a lovely smile on her face. I asked if I could get a photo with her. She said sorry and that she didn't "DO" photos! *giggles* I said that's okay and that she is so beautiful! She said thank you!

Soon after Angela leads us inside Candyfornia. Color galore! Katy was with some other fans so we did one of those "photobooths" set up in the room. I took some candy from the many jars on the tables (we were allowed to and suppose to). Then Angela let us know it was our turn... to meet KATY PERRY! Turned around, walked forward a bit. Katy also came forward. Reached out her right hand...

Katy: "Hi, I'm Katy!" *She looked at my makeup; had the "deer" look from end of the ET music video.*
Me: I'm Tara!
Katy: I like your face!
Me: Thanks!
Katy: I have the same bracelet! *touches my red lips bracelet with shiny gems all over it*
Me: Really! *Thought she'd like it, not HAVE it--I was stunned and couldn't think of anything else to say, LOL*

Then she asked what our names were on the KPF... I let Leah go first. She said musickitten16... cuz she likes music and kittens and fav # is 16! Katy said you're not allowed in here if you don't like music and kittens, lol. And then I said I was Smack U Twice. She said she liked that we put thought into our screen names, cuz some don't!

She signed Leah's CD... and then my little photo from the back of the US Katy Perry Magazine. She wrote "Tara, you're an alien! Love Katy!" -- she said "oops" while signing. I am guessing at the end of aliens because it's messed up a bit, lol.

Asked about the mermaid photo (which Katy tweeted of her "planking" dressed as a mermaid). Katy explained more about it and what it was for. Stated it was her in a purple wig (at the time, soem claimed it was not her). She said to keep it a secret! :) (Now it's public knowledge it's for GHD and advertising their hair dryers.)

And somewhere in this convo I asked what her hair color was under the black wig. She said light ginger and that she wasn't done the journey to the secret color. Angela said some stuff as well about the hair...

Asked about starting up her blog again... Katy said she's thought about it and would like to... but just doesn't have the time right now.

Then we took photos...

Me: Will you get to hang out in Edmonton tomorrow?
Katy: Uhhhh, I have a show in Edmonton... so... no, I won't be able to hang out. But I did check out the Calgary Stampede yesterday! *she ended up biking down by the river in Edmonton, silly girl, lol*
Me: Yeah, I know, I'll meet you again tomorrow. I won the Just Dance contest!
Katy: *don't remember what she said in response, but she was happy and excited*

She touched my headband and asked if it was real or not. Told her it was real. :)

Leah: This is the best night of my life!
Katy: It's not over yet!

Leah gave Katy a BEAUTIFUL card complete with a note and stickers! Leah asked if she would read it. Katy said "of course!"... AND THEN, not long after the concert... Leah got a tweet on Twitter saying, "I told you I'd read it!"

Started walking away... looked back at Katy and said THANKS KATY!
Two of Katy's security guards escorted us down to the GA pit--felt pretty darn special, lol! I had GA tickets already and had a friend waiting for me. Caught the last bit of DJ Skeet Skeet... and then there was KATY PERRY!!!

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California Dreams Tour 'Meet n' Greet' Review

Edmonton, AB, Canada - July 17, 2011
[No photos/videos as my batteries died, lol, but it was GREAT to enjoy the show and not worry about a camera!]

The next night I won tickets and a M&G with Just Dance 2! (Posted a video of myself dancing to "Firework," got votes/judged... possibly the most embarassing thing I've done, BAH! But SOOO worth it!)

I got to bring a "plus one" to meet Katy this time--a different friend than last night. Her name is Alia. I didn't realize this was a "no autograph M&G"... seems odd to me, LOL! SO I had to go to my PLAN B with the Build-A-Bear Smurfette I had just bought at West Edmonton Mall. PLAN A was to get her to autograph it, PLAN B was to GIVE it to her instead! We ended up being the last group to meet Katy before the KatyCats.

Lined up behind another 2 that won thru Just Dance. Entered Candyfornia! Angela passed out little cards with info on how to obtain our photo that was being taken for us--thru Schick Quattro, lol! I said "Thank you darling" to Angela and she said "Welcome honey!" back!

Katy came up to my friend and I...

Katy: Hi, I'm Katy!
Me: I'm Tara... I met you last night...
Katy: Yeah... you changed! *no ET makeup this time, lol* What did you think of the show?
Me: Oh it was AWESOME! Excited for tonight! *I know... coulda done better than that, but oh well, LOL*
Katy: Said something about winning thru Just Dance... "Is this your mom?" *read our reactions very quickly*... "No, friend." and then questioned if my friend video-taped it or was my partner in it all...
Me: No, I did it all by myself, *giggle*
Katy: *grabs my hanging zipper necklace into her hands* I like your necklace!
Me: I thought you would! *once again... not prepared for that moment, LOL*

Me: I have a question!
Katy: Okay!
Me: How did you get the scar on your lip?
Katy: Oh, this one down here? *she bends down and points to her leg*
Me: Oh, no, I mean the one on your lip!
Katy: Oh! *Storytime with Katy! She went on to explain back when she lived in CA... her dog bit her... lol*
Me: Did you get stitches?
Katy: No, but maybe I should have! We don't have free healthcare! *touches my lower arm*
Me: In Canada we do, honey!
Katy: When I was in Canada and I needed stitches on my leg, it was free! (AND she ended up telling this story during the concert, LOL... as well as the next show in Vancouver)

Katy: *motions us to go over to Kitty Purry* But we should do what we're suppose to do and get a photo!
Alia: *think it was her that asked what side I wanted*
Me: Over here! *in between Katy and Kitty Purry*
Katy: Oh yeah, she likes this side!
Me: I want Kitty Purry!


Me: I have something for you. Should I give it to you or someone else?
Katy: Give it to me. What do you have?
Me: Smurfette and some little things stuffed inside her shirt!

(The little things stuffed inside the shirt contained pogs and a
photo of JTT... which she tweeted 2 weeks later. Then she must've
stuck the photo of JTT on her make-up mirror as seen in these images...)

Katy: Oh, aww, thank you! I don't have any of these! This is my first.
Me: Really!
Katy: *big grin with those eyes, whew*... YOU ARE MY FIRST!
Me: Really! Ohh yay, wow...

Said goodbyes...

Me: Thanks Katy!

Found my friend... where else... digging in the candy jars! We take some candy! I turn around, Katy was alone just standing pretty much where I left her, lol.

Me: Katy!
Katy: Yeah?
Me: Can I have a hug?
Katy: *don't remember if she actually said something, but she opened her arms*

HUG!!! And once again, "Thanks Katy!!"

Saw Angela again and I asked how we got cotton candy (I made circle motions with my hands as if I were making it, lol)
Angela: Sorry, we ran out.
Me: Oh, that's okay, thank you! It was nice meeting you!
Angela: Nice meeting you too!


Just outside of Candyfornia I saw a familiar face from the night before in Calgary, Katy's bodyguard! I went up to him, called him by name, and mentioned that I met him last night! He was on it and knew exactly who I was--the one with ET makeup! He asked where our seats were for tonight's show. I said section 120... he asked if those were good enough with a wink and head nod... I grinned back and gently hit him with my CDT lollipop! HA! And then he gave us GA PIT ticket wristbands!!! A million and twenty thank-yous and we were off to California Dream!!! ;)

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