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Changed her stage name to Katheryn Perry (as many thought she was actress Kate Hudson), then simplified it to Katy Perry. Perry is her mother's maiden name.

In May, Katy Hudson is a featured and wrote for a devotional called WALK.

Hard at work on her album with Glen Ballard and growing as a singer/songwriter.
During an interview in June, Glen mentioned Katy.
Source: FRED Entertainment

Glen Ballard is currently in the studio working on a record with 18-year-old Katy Hudson. She's going to be a big star, Glen tells me. With a string of major successes, Ballard may not be off the mark and it will be interesting to see and hear Ms. Hudson when the album is released on his record label, Java Records.

Thom: You mentioned your artist Katy Hudson, is that Kate Hudson, the actress?

Glen: No, I don't think anyone will confuse Kate Hudson for Katy Hudson once this record is out.

Thom: What is Katy Hudson's style like?

Glen: It's in the Alanis Morissette singer/songwriter female, that's the box you can put her in but I don't think she'll stay in that box long. She's such a huge star and a great singer and a complete person. We don't put out many new records so I really want this to be great. This one's a winner.

"Remember when I dove into the crowd..."
Stage dive during Relient K show!

Did some Summer/Fall travelling to experience and be inspired.

Much of this was filmed for future promotion, including videos for
Cup Of Coffee, The Box, Diamonds, Long Shot, Simple, It's Okay To Believe.
Cup Of Coffee
Malibu, CA
(partial video)
On Japan's version of
"One Of The Boys" (2008)
The Box
Los Angeles, CA
Long Shot
Los Angeles, CA
Tokyo, Japan
Shinjuku Train Station/Area
On "Sisterhood of the Travelling
Pants Soundtrack" (2005)
It's Okay To Believe
(partial video)

"The Box" & "Long Shot" were filmed in the same room on opposite sides! :)

Katy did backing vocals for a song on Amy Grant's "Simple Things" album.
"Eye to Eye" (clearly hear Katy at 2:45min)

Katy flew from Los Angeles to Sarasota, FL to sing at a church her parents preached at.
"Love Can Stand On His Own" + "Search Me"

Took in some fashion shows.

with Glen Ballard, backstage at a performance

To end the year, Katy geared up to work with The Matrix - a music production team, signed to Columbia Records, consisting of Scott Spock, Lauren Christy, and Graham Edwards.
Deciding to release their own album they brought in 2 lead vocalists... one was Katy Perry! :)

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